Infinite Stratos 2 Episode #07

Aww, look at these two posing like models, yet Ichika is an idiot for being oblivious to anyone’s feelings… I think he should be aware of it right now, but he can’t ’cause it’s awkward!

Anyways, this episode introduces Tatenashi’s little sister Kanzashi, where she is paired up with Ichika at her sister’s request. Unfortunately, Kanzashi doesn’t like Ichika because her IS is incomplete, due to the engineers shift their focus on building Byakushiki. No wonder she wants to punch Ichika in the face, yet I think those engineers are a bunch of jerks for abandoning her IS.

Maybe in the next episode, Kanzashi will change her mind since the tag-team tournament is coming up. As for the girls, they should start getting jealous again!

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