Strike the Blood Episode #07

Sayaka Kirasaka, please don’t kill Kojou next time. His familiar will destroy his school and turn Itogami Island into a wasteland… Then it will sunk down like a ship!

Good thing Yukina interfered and sealed Kojou’s familiar for now!

Now then, this is where Christoph Gardos makes his formal appearance. Oh, and he’s responsible for sending the puzzle to the best hackers around the world. This includes Asagi…

…for which she decodes the puzzle in less than 3 hours. Of course, she’s unaware that decoding the puzzle might activate an ancient weapon for the terrorists.

Ancient weapon aside, Christoph Gardos took Asagi, along with Yukina, Kojou’s sister, as hostages. As for Astarte, she was put out of commission by Christoph’s beast henchmen. At least they didn’t rape them.

On the other hand, Dimitrie Vatler has appeared. He’s not doing it to save Itogami Island as a goodwill gesture, Vatler is fighting Nalakuvera for fun because he’s bored being stuck in Warlord’s Domain all the time.

Unfortunately, I think Vatler needs to sit down for a while ’cause Kojou Akatsuki will fight against a rampaging ancient weapon. Nothing will do good if he unleashes his powers to destroy Nalakuvera.

So anyways, wish Kojou good luck if he could stop Nalakuvera while not destroying part of the island like last time!

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