Little Busters! ~Refrain~ Episode #07

Kyousuke, I wonder why you have that dark aura? It’s not that Riki notices it!

After what happened last week, it seems that it’s back to normal, right? Nope, in fact that somehow Riki (and possibly Rin) was caught in another dimension, or rather a different timeline from the last one.

I’m speculating that Kyousuke realized that he pushed his sister to the edge that instead of interacting with other people, it does the opposite. So instead of continuing what Ep. 6 left off, he decides to reset the timeline, which is a plausible deduction after watching this episode.

Oh well, it seems that the remaining episodes is gonna be the Refrain arc. I’m excited that Little Busters! is reaching its end, but this is gonna be a mind-screw if J.C.Staff mess it up!

Anyways, on to the next episode… As for Masato, I think he’s not being muscle dumb this time around! Maybe he knows what’s going on with the previous timeline!

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