WHITE ALBUM 2 Episode #07

Today’s episode will have a live performance from the Houjou Academy Light Music Club. Yeah, you already seen this in Ep. 7. This is basically a music video, although they did two songs for this episode: “White Album and “Sound of Destiny”. The only complaint for this episode is why Satelight didn’t show the last song “Todokanai Koi”? It’s their song for goodness sake!

On the other hand, this episode is also significant as Setsuna makes her first move on Haruki. Congratulations Setsuna on confessing to Haruki, although he can’t do a third option and make her and Kazusa as his wings (Macross Frontier TV, anyone?).

While I’m glad that Setsuna is being honest to herself, I think Kazusa needs to do the same before it’s too late. Nevertheless, it’s gonna be a long way if someone declares a winner on this love triangle.

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