Golden Time Episode #08

What a surprise, looks like Banri has become campy and decides to have interest in men! Okay, that was a lie.

As for Mitsuo’s trouble… It was revealed that he’s finding his sexuality after being shot down by Chinami! Okay, that was also a lie. Sorry…

So anyways, after Banri making up with Linda-sempai last week, it’s time for Chinami to make up with Mitsuo since she rejected him, but it doesn’t mean that she’ll no longer talk with Mitsuo after that. Then again, maybe Chinami is scared on expressing her feelings to him in public.

Alas, they made up and that’s a good thing… thanks to Kouko-chan!

As for Linda-sempai, she revealed her answer to Banri’s confession that it was a “No!” Well, at least she give him an answer instead of beating around the bush. But then again, I doubt that!

Nevertheless, Banri would never have to worry on dating Kouko-chan on the next episode.

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