Kakumeiki Valvrave Episode #19

I’m glad that Saki is back with her original body after being stuck with K-Zwolf.

Unfortunately, she’s gonna get captured by L-Elf’s not-so mortal enemy A-Drei. Sucks to being stuck with a Dorussian elite soldier.

Anyway, I’m trying to catch-up on the rest of the shows I’m blogging since I got a job. I’ll be back, and I’ll be up and running!

While Saki is being captured, L-Elf and Haruto are saving prisoners of war and Liselotte, and escaping Dorussia. Don’t ask about Haruto’s father, he’s a jerk that can’t be saved!

On the other hand, Liselotte reveals that the Magius are not just space vampire that came to Earth, but they started as ethereal souls that possesses people and even animals too. Since they have no body, they’re constantly possessing from one body to another since they can’t stay in their old bodies for longer periods.

Now I could say that their origin is absurd, no wonder they wanted to keep their existence from the rest of the world. This puts Haruto into stopping the Magius and ending its curse once and for all. C’mon, he’s a monster already and he’s determined to stop it!

So anyway, they successfully escaped Dorussia with all of the royalists and scientists included. Unfortunately, Haruto and L-Elf couldn’t save Liselotte as she sacrificed her life (and memory) to help them escape.

On the other hand, it’s kinda sad that she won’t love L-Elf (or Mikhail) back now that she’s a lifeless shell. But oh well, shit happens in Valvrave where somebody dies… someone would make them stronger!

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