Kyoukai no Kanata Episode #08

You know, I wish Akkey’s mother will appear in the flesh and see how ridiculous her outfit may be!

Anyways, the title has been dropped on this episode as time stand still. Okay, that only applies to the youmu since their powers are weakened during the Calm. Since they’re weakened by the Calm…

There’s a reason why the spirit warriors are having a hunt party, while the likes of Akihito and Ai-chan have to stay at this time since they’re youmu.

And BTW, there’s a growing tension between the Nase family and that shady organization that governs all spirit warriors. I have a feeling that Izumi instigated it, and I bet that she’s the one who stole Mirai’s stone that contains the Hollow Shadow.

Speaking of Akkey, it seems that he got attacked by Izumi… or rather someone pretending to be her. This is rather problematic as he would go berserk at any time when he’s hurt. On the other hand, he has to stay way against the likes of Miroku Fujima (a.k.a the guy with glasses that holds Sakura’s staff) if he wants to live longer.

Too bad that he’ll be going out in a rampage on the next episode. If he does, he’s gonna need a stronger cooldown hug from Mirai!

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