Little Busters! ~Refrain~ Episode #08

As I said last week, the Refrain Arc has begun. And while Rin is becoming positive after being introduced to baseball to Riki, they only need to do at this point is to get the gang back together by starting with Masato.

And the reason why he’s carrying a statue (Actually, he was glued to it) is because he’s having hallucinations on seeing copies of him. Thus, he’s in a state of rampage, not to mention having the strength to carry heavy objects!

Unfortunately for him, he’s easily fooled by Riki’s tricks… Oh, and Masato got himself into a double team attack courtesy of Rin and Riki! Well, I guess it’s gonna be a boss rush till the end of this series.

With Masato subdued and befriended thanks to Riki, there’s 8 members to go. And I’m feeling that this show is becoming a shonen series!

Next episode, Riki and Rin will have to deal with Kengo as he’s also pissed on what happened in the previous timeline.

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