Next time Arararagi-kun, please do it privately or the police will get you!

Also known as Shinobu Time, this is the fourth arc for the Second Season. While Shinobu is the main focus for this arc, this is not the case until later.

The story goes when Koyomi-oniichan, Shinobu, and Mayoi are being chased not by an oddity… but a shadow that consumes everything, oddities and humans alike. Good thing Yotsugi is on the scene to transport them somewhere far away from the shadow.

In fact, the shadow’s appearance goes as far as early Japanese history when Shinobu (under Kiss-Shot Acerola-Orion Heart-Under-Blade) became a goddess there despite being a vampire, but her reign cost the disappearance of the villagers, including her first servant known only as the First Oddity Killer.

Unfortunately during their escape, Shinobu was out of commission, which results the loss of Araragi-kun’s vampiric abilities. Well, that’s sucks for him…

Oh well, there’s Izuko Gaen to help them out… in exchange for helping her on the next arc. Sounds reasonable enough.

And according to Izuko, the reason why the shadow appeared not because of Shinobu…

…but it’s because of Hachikuji, where she stayed Earth for too long. Thus, her presence creates disturbances and that’s why the shadow appeared to attack her.

So, the only thing Hachikuji do is to pass on to Heaven for good. A sad decision, but she has to rest in peace.

Well, that was a surprise that it was Mayoi that causes it, despite not being the main focus of this story until the latter parts of Onimonogatari. As for Shinobu, she didn’t do anything other than telling her backstory. I mean, she was the main focus for this arc where she would solve her problem together with Araragi-kun. But I guess that she’s too weak to help them out, which is disappointing for me.

But anyways, it seems that it’s farewell to Mayoi Hachikuji. Now that this arc is over, it’s time to move on to the last arc. And BTW, I’m hoping that Suruga Kanbaru is there since Izuko wants to help her out.

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