Freezing Vibration Episodes #06 & #07

This is the only sane screenshot for this arc!

Here it is, your Siblings arc that is so controversial that you want to punch Satellizer’s infamous brother! What can I say… it’s terrible! I mean, why would the staff would insert this arc? To punish and enrage us? Dammit, they shouldn’t have omitted this arc!

So basically, Louis torments his sister, Kazuya doesn’t like that, then he was attacked by Louis’ Pandora Holly Rose… and shit goes downhill from there! As for Kazuya and Louis, they’re both shit that I wanted to burn them!

I cannot elaborate the ending, but it’s conclusion is the most fucked-up I’ve ever seen! It’s so stressful when watching these two episodes that I feel that I need some distraction from TIME-TO-TIME! *sigh*

Anyways, that’s it for this arc… And remember, let us not speak of this ever again! Got it? If you do, expect insanity from your end!

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