Coppelion Episode #08

On this episode, Ibara-sempai, Taeko, and the survivors from Planet got run over by the Ozu sisters, rouge Coppelion agents who got tired of saving lives and decided to have fun killing people!

As you can see, both Kanon and Shion are fuckin’ crazy by looking at their faces! For those who don’t know about them, they are clones from a psychopath actress Kuon Ozu where they inherited the personality of the original. Oh, and it gets worse that they joined the 1st Division where they’ll gather all of the contaminated waste to the epicenter of the disaster.

Of course, Ibara-sempai wouldn’t let that happen. A right straight to the face would make Touma Kamijou very proud! Thus, both sisters are apprehended. Unfortunately, Ibara’s team is stuck inside thanks to the waste that scattered around the capital. Oh, and Aoi is left alone inside the Planet.

But nothing to worry though as she has a robot companion at her side. Nothing would go wrong on the next episode, right?

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