Kyoukai no Kanata Episode #09

Anyone for Round 2 against a rampaging Akihito?

So yes, he returns to wreck havoc… And this time, cooldown hugs won’t work on him anymore because a certain person from the Nase family (or a doppelganger) attacked him!

Since Akkey can’t go back to his human half, Mirai has no choice but to kill him. Then again, her fight against Akihito will continue on the next episode.

Oh, and the reason why Kuriyama removed her glasses? It’s because it’s unpleasant to see Akkey as the enemy.

Speaking of Akkey, remember the previous episode where he was attacked? It turns out, it was Izumi Nase which is very shocking to see Hiromi and Mitsuko’s did such a dastardly act.

But why did she attacked Akihito? Did she observe him from the very beginning so that Izumi has a chance to kill his youmu half, while saving the world? I’ll have to find out next week…

And BTW, Miroku Fujima is here to spoil the party… by stealing Izumi’s (or rather Mirai’s) prized Hollow Shadow. Man, this is getting complicated, don’t you agree?

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