Coppelion Episode #09

Well, it seems that Aoi is a-okay… But then again, she’s just a useless student whose only skill is cooking meals! Oh well, she’s joining back anyway.

Now then, things are getting a bit dire in the Old Capital as strong winds pushes highly-contaminated air at a fast pace. Oh, and it might reach the Planet which will perish some of the survivors.

So, the survivors decided to move out while running away from the Ozu sisters. Of course, it gets worse for Coppelion as Ibuki is gonna give birth at any minute.

Luckily, Taeko got help from one of the survivors from previous episodes…

That survivor was none other than Grandma Ayame from Ep. 3! Good thing they saved her since Taeko is scared at handling babies at first. You can do it, Taeko-chan!

So on the next episode, Coppelion and the Planet inhabitants are making their escape. And BTW, Gennai did a good job on turning No-sense into a badass robot butler with guns and tank tracks. Way to go, Gennai!

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