Strike the Blood Episode #08

What a surprise, seems that Christoph Gardos didn’t bring a single Nalakuvera, but an army of them! It’s not a good idea to unleash them into a small island like Itogami.

So anyways, it’s time to put the Black Death Emperor Faction out of business on Itogami Island. But first, Kojou and Sayaka will have to get out to the surface and fight Christoph Gardos head-on.

Although Kojou groping Sayaka’s breasts is just an accident, there’s no way she would join his harem since she hates men! No frickin’ way!

Then again, she’s willing to go ahead on joining Kojou’s harem since it’s the only way to escape to the surface. Seriously Akatsuki-kun, control your vampiric urges!

Okay, I’m out of here now that Sayaka has been soiled… But the good thing is that Kojou can summon a fiery horse other than the lion familiar, Regulus Aurum.

Now that both Kojou and Sayaka returned to the surface, it’s time to face Christoph Gardos, now piloting the Queen-class Nalakuvera where it’s indestructible and has self-regeneration! I guess it’s not a good idea to destroy it head-on.

Despite being nigh-invulnerable, the Nalakuvera machines are easily exploitable. Just a virus code from Asagi and they’ll go down in minutes!

With that, Christoph Gardos’ plans have foiled. Even though Vatler originally wanted to beat Gardos to cure his boredom, at least his domain is safe from being ravaged by the Black Death Emperor Faction.

Oh, and Christoph Gardos deserves to get slashed by Yukina, which ends with a Regulus punch from Kojou! Anyways, it’s the end of the second arc but it seems that Akatsuki-kun will have to pay up for the damages again.

BTW, Kojou got a reward kiss from Asagi since he saved her. But please Akatsuki-kun, control your urges for goodness sake. You don’t want Asagi to join your harem!

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