Infinite Stratos 2 Episode #09

Well, that sucks for Kanzashi… Not only she learned that Tatenashi is behind all of this, but Kanzashi is distancing herself from the rest.

However, doing the latter would not guarantee that Kanzashi will be saved. Oh, and IS Academy is being attacked by an squad of unmanned IS units, which is capable of disabling manned IS. Hence, they’re dangerous!

Nothing to worry about as Ichika saves her from being attacked. It doesn’t last long as Ichika was defeated.

So was Tatenashi, who defended Kanzashi without her IS armor. After all, Tatenashi cared about her little sister despite having a big gap in terms of brilliance and strength.

Nevertheless, this makes Kanzashi very angry on having her sister and Ichika being beaten by an unmanned IS. She’s very pissed that she pull off a missile barrage on the enemy to cripple it…

Which is then followed up by Tatenashi and Ichika delivering the final blow! And BTW, nobody died on this episode even though there are dream sequences where both of them telling Kanzashi on not giving up even though we’re not perfect.

But anyways, IS Academy is safe once again!

And as for Kanzashi, she finally confessed to Ichika about her feelings. Then again, Ichika is so oblivious to love that he interpret Kanzashi’s confession incorrectly, citing that she loves anime instead of Ichika.

Oh Kanzashi, you blew your chances!

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