Little Busters! ~Refrain~ Episode #09

On this episode, Riki is going to get Kengo back to the Little Busters! Like I said last week, he’s pissed for how Kyousuke manipulated both Riki and Rin from the previous timeline.

And the only way to get him back is playing baseball… which is kinda inappropriate in my opinion since he played it before (and lost thanks to a distraction).

But hey, it’s better than having a kendo match where Kengo will have a big advantage over Riki. And BTW, he doesn’t play for fun, he’s playing the game to win no matter what. Seems that he had that mindset before meeting Kyousuke when he was a child.

But then again, Kengo realized that whether it’s a win or a loss, you always play the best you can while having fun. It’s all thanks to Riki for reminding him about that!

So yes, Kengo returned to Little Busters! You’ll know that he’ll be sentimental on his return. Maybe he knows something about the secret of the world other than Kyousuke.

For now, I think Riki should find the other members on the next episode! And BTW, it’s a good thing that J.C.Staff is using “Song for friends” as an ending theme other than the previous one.

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