WHITE ALBUM 2 Episode #09

Um, you two should get a room, not in the streets!

Anyways, the three main characters are now waiting for their graduation after spending at a hot-springs inn. While Haruki is getting closer to Setsuna as time passes…

Kazusa, on the other hand, is getting distant towards both of them. I’m disappointed the way Kazusa acts on this episode. Why? Because she doesn’t want to talk to either Haruki or Setsuna, right after the piano recital (in which Kazusa lost). Maybe she doesn’t want to ruin Haruki’s relationship with Setsuna.

To make matters worse, I’m having a hunch that Kazusa will have to go abroad just like her mother, Mrs. Youko Touma (in her first formal appearance after being an unseen character from previous episodes). Although Kazusa is going back to Japan, I think it’s gonna be painful if they want to stick together as a trio, they’ll have to break-up and go on their separate ways.

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