Strike the Blood Episode #09

Asagi Aiba, if you want to live a normal life as a teenage girl/hacker, please don’t get involved in Akatsuki-kun.

Seriously, even though you have a cute body, put some clothes on or Kojou might bite you in the neck! Vampires are aroused, you know?

Anyways, another arc has started. And this time, the arc deals with angels!

Not sure if this injured girl is related to the angels for this arc, but I’m speculating that she might have clues on finding the identity of those angels.

On the other hand, this episode also introduces Kanon Kanase, Nagisa’s friend who takes care of cats while dreaming of becoming a nun. Wait, did she say that she wants to be a nun?

If she does, I expect Kanon to be like Index. Then again, I have a feeling that she’s not gonna be a nun, but rather a different person that is related to this third arc. Perhaps, she might be an angel during the cold opening of Ep. 9.

Anyways, more mysteries will be uncovered on the next episode. And BTW, Vatler is worried about Kojou that he doesn’t want him getting killed by an angel!

Oh, and one more thing. This episode is dealing with Nordic mythologies, but I’m not sure why they mentioned “Rognvald”. Could it be that the angels are actually Valkyries? Who knows…

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