Freezing Vibration Episodes #08 & #09

This is much better with Elizabeth Mably!

Let us not talk about the previous episodes. Let’s go straight to Alaska!

So anyways, the E-Pandoras decided to rebel against the Chevalier and exposing the secrets behind the experiments. Of course, Amelia, Rattle and their fellow E-Pandoras are weak against the originals…

So, they decided to inject themselves with the Mark IV serum. It’s a risky maneuver, but someone’s gonna do it if they want to shed this horrible experiment into light.

On the other hand, Kazuya and Satellizer have returned to Alaska. Not so surprising since I originally want them to stay there, instead of going to Indonesia to convince Satellizer’s family and back!

But anyways, the storm is brewing in Alaska! Oh, and Elizabeth needs a good warm-up exercise as she fights…

…Charles Bonaparte. Yes, the girl who slayed Gina and doesn’t give a fuck about it. And BTW, she has a father who is working for Chevalier. No wonder she’s against this rebellion!

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