Coppelion Episode #10

Dammit Shion, you have no heart on beating-up a robot with human emotions! Even Aoi is very angry despite being scared at the Ozu sisters.

Speaking of Aoi, her ability is not so exciting. It’s just that she runs away from them using the power of teleportation. I guess that her power is shitty that she’s being bullied by the Ozu sisters before the first episode.

Still, No-Sense doesn’t “die” on this episode, helping Aoi-chan escape from her tormentors. Come to think of it, I’m imagining his as the Terminator! Ooohhh, the Skynet is upon us!

On the other hand, Naruse saved Ibuki’s husband who is part of the 1st Division. Unlike the rest of the soldiers, he kept his humanity and still cares for his wife and future child.

Right now, Gennai and his team are in a pinch since they can’t get the electricity work to the train. They’ll have to work it fast though as the contaminated wind picks up its speed!

Anyways, the next episode is gonna be a gigantic one… Literally!

I mean, look at the this humongous spider tank. There’s no way the Coppelion would destroy that!

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