Kakumeiki Valvrave Episode #21

With the secret is out in the bag, seems that Module 77 is now the enemy of all mankind. And it was all thanks to Cain and his Council of 101. Ouch, that’s overkill! Not all of the students are immortals for god’s sake!

But come to think of it, this tragedy will be the catalyst for the ongoing conflict 200 years later, where the ARUS-Dorussian Alliance (or speculatively the Third Galactic Reich) are at war with the Golden Seven, founded by Haruto.

Meanwhile, it seems that Haruto reveals himself to be the Magius in front of his classmates, including Shoko. BTW, at point, his memories are starting to fade out. And despite having his feelings to Shoko, it seems that she is having doubts on Haruto now that he’s immortal… physical-wise.

On the other hand, both of them are idiots. One, Shoko was deceived by the ARUS president; Two, Haruto was tricked and got shot down by a random girl, only to find out that he’s a vampire.

But anyways, this episodes ends with the death of Kyuuma Inuzuka. Despite being immortal because he’s blessed by the holy spirit, Kyuuma’s body will be vaporized with Kirschbaum’s beam attacks.

It is very unfortunate for Kyuuma, but it is more depressing now that Module 77 are now put into a corner. But come to think of it, I have a feeling that the ARUS reporters are working for the Magius Council. I guess that explains their disappearance last week.

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