Golden Time Episode #10

Well now, seems that Banri’s ghost possessing his body was short-lived. Although he wanted to see Linda again, it seems that he got a fever and collapsed. Luckily, Nana-sempai picked Banri up and put him back to his room, all while Linda took care of him while he’s in bed.

Such a lucky guy that he has his old flame, despite Linda flat-out rejecting him because she sees Banri as her little brother.

Oh well, it was so much fun seeing you again Linda… Now go home or Kouko will slap you with a bouquet of flowers! Just kidding, she won’t do that in front of Banri.

Speaking of Banri, I have a feeling that he might pull an NTR on Kouko. He still has some feelings with Linda-sempai, y’know… Anyways, just stay well Banri for the next episode!

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