Strike the Blood Episode #10

Well hello there Astarte and Natsuki-sensei, looking good on wearing yukata!

Too bad that they’re unimportant for now on this arc.

Anyways, this episode reveals that Kanon Kanase is not a nun that I wanted to, but rather an angel that attacks… other angels.

I knew that she’ll have a role that is different from what I imagined, but that fact that she attacks her kind makes this arc more confusing. I guess Strike the Blood is trying so hard on emulating Index, or deviating it by making complex plots that are hard to understand on casual viewers.

On the other hand, there’s another new character introduced named Beatrice Basler, who slightly resembles the woman from the cold opening on Ep. 9.

Then again, I suspect that she’s the woman who attacked the airship that contains the princess of Aldegyr, another character that was introduced… except that she’s nowhere to be seen. Maybe I’ll see the princess in later episodes.

For now, this episode continues with both Kojou and Yukina being stranded on a remote island. Oh, and this episode ends with Akatsuki seeing Kanon in the nude. I have a feeling that he might save Kanon and join his harem, just like Touma.

BTW, making a soup using coconuts and saltwater won’t work in my opinion. It might even dehydrate you!

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