Infinite Stratos 2 Episode #10

Kanzashi, welcome to Ichika’s harem where all of the girls are fighting for his affection, despite him being an idiot.

As for Ichika, he’s busy measuring up girls. Lucky bastard, you don’t even have a third eye!

On this episode, Cecilia tries to cook like a wife should do. While Houki, Charlotte, and Lingyin are good at cooking, Cecilia is terrible at it.

In fact, her cooking send all of the main heroines (except for Kanzashi) are sent to the sickbed. It’s sucks having a stomach ache when Cecilia puts perfume and other dubious ingredients into the finished product.

Good thing Ichika reached her how to make rice balls. But then again, I thought they we’re doing something different. Oh 8-bit, you and your suggestive animation tricks. I thought you’re making a scene from an ero-anime.

On the other hand, Houki’s sister Tanabe is making an appearance on this episode. But it’s unexpected that she appeared and crashed the Phantom Task’s party.

Could it be that Tanabe is joining Phantom Task? Nah, say it ain’t so!

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