Little Busters! ~Refrain~ Episode #10

Whoa Kyousuke, where did you get those cuts and bruises?

What a surprise there on this episode! It seems that Kyousuke has indeed created a time reset. But instead of just resetting the continuity, he creates a purgatory (like Angel Beats!) so that he can reset time whenever Riki mess it up.

Remember the time where Riki tries to save Komari-chan from Ep. 6? Well, he did save Komari, but do you know that he failed once before, saying that her brother’s death is the same as his parents.

Other than that, it’s just a flashback episode where it shows what happened so far. Then again, this episode didn’t explain how they died. Sure, it was a car accident, but it’s too vague, and I don’t know for sure who survived. Could it be Riki, Rin, or even both?

Anyways, there’s three episodes left… Maybe there would be time to find out these answers.

BTW, I have a feeling that Kyousuke is doing it to save both of them. Oh wait, he’s doing it all along! Right now, it’s Riki’s turn on saving Kyousuke.

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