Log Horizon Episodes #06 – #10

And now Nyanta teaches the members of the Crescent Moon Alliance on how to cook properly. Too bad that they’ll have to keep this secret from anybody.

Anyways, this is the third post for Log Horizon as Shiroe and his friends are going for another arc. This time, the main theme is guilds… and more rescuing too!

BTW, expect more Akatsuki being assaulted by Marielle by putting her costumes off-screen! And also, I forgot to tell you that the NPCs (or the People of the Land) have self-awareness, just like human beings.

Now then, regarding the guilds existed on Elder Tale… Most of the guilds, especially those who are situated in Akihabara, have their own rules and regulations. Some of them, mostly well-known guilds like D.D.D. led by Krusty, establish rules and laws that cater to their needs and not the general interest.

One such guild is the Black Sword Knights, led by Isaac, who only allows players that are Level 85 and above. You may call their guild as typical just like in real-life MMORPG guilds.

But others, such as Hamelin, are crossing the moral borderline. Technically, they’re recruiting players and act like a typical guild would do. But on the inside, senior Hamelin members treat new players as child slaves, mostly because they wanted to grab their EXP pots and sell it for profit.

That’s what happened to Minori and her twin brother Tohya, where they’re trapped at the hands of the Hamelin guild. Because of the Apocalypse, these new players are at a bind for survival where the in-game mechanics, such as banning players by sending Guard NPCs, won’t work on this new reality.

And that’s how Shiroe and his friends stepped in. How did they manage to step in to Hamelin’s mess? By forming a guild named after this show: Log Horizon.

Sure, it was a good decision for Shiroe to make a guild, but it doesn’t mean that they could fight against Hamelin head-on. So, Shiroe decides to do a different approach…

…by earning 5 million gold using food, in the form of Crescent Moon Burger stand. Thanks to Nyanta’s training, the Crescent Moon chefs can cook real food and sell it to players, as long as they have the right subclass level.

(NOTE: These two character have re-appeared, having being foiled by Shiroe’s party back in Ep. 2.)

And BTW, the Crescent Moon burger stand has waitresses. But I’m disappointed that Akatsuki didn’t join them. Maybe she’s busy hunting down Hamelin members. Even though it was a hit among players, it wasn’t enough to gather 5 million gold.

So, Shiroe asked some the biggest merchant guilds to contribute his cause. This includes a former Debauchery Tea Party member named Soujirou, who made his own guild called the West Wind Brigade after the Tea Party’s disbandment.

While he has a story of his own, Soujirou’s guild will be part of the Round Table Conference.

In fact, this is Shiroe’s real plan: To gather the guilds, large and small, and create laws and rights that will not only bring order but to bring prosperity across Akihabara, both players and NPCs alike. All, but one guild, agreed to support the conference.

And it was all thanks to Shiroe, who used the 5 million gold to buy the guild administration building, which not only controls the rooms, but the bank as well. As expected from the Villain-in-Glasses, he lives up to his cunning nature. But will his purchase of the guild help both Minori and Tohya on escaping the Hamelin guild?

The answer, it’s an absolute “yes” since Shiroe has taken control of the guild building, which in turn deny access to Hamelin members. Most of them are trapped within the guild room, or even teleport them to Akihabara and apprehend the remaining members.

With that, the Hamelin guild is disbanded and all of the novice players are freed at last. For Minori and Tohya, it was a godsend.

In fact, they eventually joined Shiroe’s guild as part of their appreciation. After all, they learned how to survived thanks to him.

Even though order and prosperity is established in Akihabara, there is still much to be done in Elder Tale. There are cities that have poor living conditions, some of them are ruled by an iron fist. And also, there would be a possibility that some of the NPCs (or landers as they’re called) might start a revolt against the players.

For now, it’s a good thing that all is safe inside Akihabara.

But as for the next arc shows, it will deal with the lives of the landers, most notably Princess Raynesia and her kingdom. Maybe I’ll make a post of it some other time after the next arc is over.

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