WHITE ALBUM 2 Episode #10

Hello guys and gals, it’s a flashback episode! Yes, this is where Haruki met Kazusa back in April 2007.

As you can see, it was a rocky relationship from the start. Although Kazusa is a complete loner ever since she was transferred to the normal education department, it was all thanks to Haruki’s persistence that she was able to be friendly with him as they went into August 2007. Then again, this is problematic because…

…Kazusa is in love with Haruki, but she can’t do it because Haruki is dating Setsuna. But remember, Setsuna said to Kazusa that she must do the same since Setsuna is not holding it back on loving Kitahara-kun.

Anyways, let’s not hope that this love triangle won’t end badly! But kudos to Satelight for making this episode special!

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