Freezing Vibration Episode #10

Um Chiffon, you’re scaring me with that smile on your face!

I have to admit myself, but Chiffon ain’t pulling punches since she can kill both Satellizer and Rana-chan, plus Kazuya too if she’s not satisfied.

Oh, and the fact that Chiffon is a True Pandora makes you cower more!

Now for the fight between Charles and Elizabeth (the other fight between Cassie Lockheart and Julia Munberk isn’t interesting to watch), it seems that Elizabeth is at a disadvantage since she came back from a coma.

Unless her limiter Andre stops Charles in her tracks. BTW, limiters can’t exert more freezing power. Doing so will destroy their stigmata and die.

But then again, Andre gives Elizabeth the time to defeat Charles. Good job Andre, although I don’t know if you’re still alive after exerting yourself.

Even Elizabeth is worried that he might die. Of course, given their history together, they’re tightly knitted even when facing death!

Oh well, it was a good fight against Charles Bonaparte. But unfortunately, she lacks the resolve to fight justice.

Heck, even Marks Spencer can’t believe that her daughter lost the match. Although I’m thinking that he’ll abandon Charles just because she lost to Elizabeth Mably, I think he still cares for his daughter.

Anyways, the next episode continues the rebellion as Amelia Evans reached Dr. Oohara’s room…

Only to find something that is ominous, that it ends in a cliffhanger. Dammit, why do you have to prolong the disaster!?

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