Machine-Doll is Unbreakable Episode #10

Remember what I told you that the braided girl is a machine doll just like Lisette Norden? It turns out, it was false as she’s indeed Charlotte Belew in the flesh.

BTW, this world is too advanced, that personal computers are popping up… for the elites, that is! Still, it’s mind blowing to show one, even though it’s used for surveillance!

Anyways, Raishin and Henriette are a-okay after being attacked by Charlotte.

I have to admit, that green-haired monocle guy is a sick, twisted bastard who wanted to manipulate Charl for fun. He doesn’t have a name though sadly!

On the other hand, the Headmaster is safe and sound. Oh, and he has Magnus guarding him too.

Unfortunately, Raishin is still pissed at seeing him again because he, assuming that Magnus is Raishin’s older brother, killed his family and turned his dearest sister Nadeshiko into a machine doll named Hotaru. See, Magnus is also sick bastard who wanted to ascend godhood, but then again he might not be Raishin’s brother at all.

Going back to the story, it seems that they were attacked by a bespectacled guy whose strength is beyond human levels, possibly a machine doll. Good thing the survivors escaped from him, but that said guy reveals that he’s a butler from the Granville family.

Oh yeah, about the Granville family? That green-haired monocle guy came there. And oh boy, and it was revealed that the Granville family has ties with the Kingsforts, so I guess that Felix wanted revenge and asked their help to do his bidding. Oh my, looks like Raishin’s punches aren’t powerful enough to break his delusions!

So anyways, it’s two episodes to go… And BTW, there’s no point on seeing nudity on Unbreakable Machine-doll.

Even though Yaya is topless, it’s still covered!

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