Yahari Ore No Seishun Love Come Wa Machigatteiru Episode #14

Maximizing your wife (or husband) points is the key to success!

And this is the OVA of OreGairu, where Hachiman, Yukinon, and Yui are making an article on how to make marriage cool for the young generation. Then again, it’s a pain in the ass where you need to work harder in order for your spouse not to NTR you in the back!

So yes, it’s all about marriage. And how to make it interesting? By making a contest to see who’ll be successful in matrimony (and wife husbandry too). And BTW, and it’s just a throw-in if viewers are interested on having OreGairu another season (or a live-action adaptation, just like Haganai).

Anyways, the contest ends with Ms. Hiratsuka crowning as the best wife… despite not being married yet (and well past her expiration date)! Now then, good luck Brains Base and Shogakukan for Season 2 if it’s announced!

NOTE: I’ve watched this episode a few months ago, but I didn’t blog it due to real-life. And BTW, Hiratsuka-sensei won because of intimidation. Poor Komachi!

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