Kyoukai no Kanata Episode #11

Oh KyoAni, you sure are awesome when it comes to scenery! Too bad that Mirai is inside Beyond the Boundary… Nowhere to hide, and nowhere to escape!

On the other hand, I have a question why Miroku Fujima has to live, or why he’s still there? But anyways, things have gone worse for this bastard…

…when he activates the Hollow Shadow that contains what’s left of Beyond the Boundary, which shows a big sphere that sucks youmu into the core. Poor Ayaka-san and Ai-chan, why do they have to suffer this mess?

BTW, Akkey is alive but he lost his immortality. So, he’s just an ordinary guy who loves glasses!

On the other hand, Akkey’s mother has finally appeared…

…only to be kneed by her son. C’mon Akihito, it’s your mother so show some respect despite acting like she’s 17! (Man, if only Kikuko Inoue voiced Yayoi Kanbara…)

But anyways, she knows how to save Mirai and getting back her home.

All he need to do is to grab a Hollow Shadow stone that contains traces of Beyond the Boundary, and you’re done! Akkey just entered the snowy world of his evil youmu half!

Isn’t it cool that Kyoto Animation can scenes like this? Oh well, time to pull Mirai back to the real world… Then again, he’ll just join Mirai and destroy the core instead. It would be bad if Beyond the Boundary destroys his hometown!

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