Ore no Nounai Sentakushi ga, Gakuen Lovecome o Zenryoku de Jama Shiteiru Episode #10

Now experiencing 2 times the dose of onion extract!

I told you so, Kanade! You can’t cheat on this mission, and now you’re making a fool of yourself!

So yes, it’s the final episode, and unfortunately he’s gonna fail at this point…

…unless Kanade dragged Yuouji to a haunted house. That way, she’ll cry in fear!

On second thought, I think it’s too much for Ouka. Now, she regressed herself into a kindergarten student. You know, she likes to be carried by someone else and what not.

But hey, at least Kanade finally completed his mission by taking a photo of Yuouji’s crying face! With that, this series is over and Kanade’s curse was lifted!

Nah, this series can’t end this early, so it’s time for us to select these choices:

1.) Date Chocolat!
2.) Date Furano Yukihira!
3.) Date Ouka Yuouji!

C’mon, it’s not that hard if you look at the choices. After all, those 3 girls are in love with Kanade! But, if you didn’t choose any of those choices, that’s okay since Kanade won’t experience pain.

Unfortunately, his Absolute Choices is still intact. And look how Yukihira react when Amacchi says her first name!

So anyways, it’s the end of NouCome. While I like Jouji Nakata’s voice, I think this series doesn’t fire me up and laugh my socks off! If you were a viewer, would you:

1.) Pray for a second season!
2.) Go wait for the OVAs!

For now, this is how NouCome ended… with a hail of snowballs throwing at Kanade for not realizing their feelings!

As for Seira, she’s still a mystery to me. Who the hell she is anyway?!

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  1. There is still episode eleven also I’m pretty sure if not everyone who is watching this that Seira is the person controlling it all if not Simone who happens to be very connected to their choices of gods because not only does she warn him not to cheat she makes a lot of things harder for him mostly at the end of his I think first or second challenge at the end of the contest she says she likes him on the mic and forces Kanade to yell to Chocolat if she likes him and she replying yes makes so almost everyone if not everyone except the reject 5 hate him. Also I wonder if the person who keeps leaving will come in the second season.

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