Coppelion Episode #11

Well Naruse, it’s gonna be one tough boss fight you’re having on this series so far!

Oh, and adding the Ozu sisters will make things harder for you hunting down the Iron Spider! Stupid sisters, why do they have to live and torment the Medical Unit, especially Aoi!

Speaking of Aoi, seems that she’s capable of surprising us after pulling out a teleportation technique in Ep. 10.

Okay, the teleport thing is not surprising. But now, Aoi can create barriers and absorb Kanon’s electric attacks. It even absorbs the Iron Spider’s flamethrower, which surprise both Naruse and Haruto! What the hell Aoi is capable of underneath her stupid persona!?

But anyways, this gives Ibara-sempai time to destroy the mecha and safely went to the train station. Good job to Aoi, but I still hate her for being obnoxious!

On the other hand, it seems that this episode have increased the death count with 3 adding up to the list. Actually, only two confirmed dead while the other one will potentially die on the next episode or two.

First up is Gennai, who got caught in the wind… A dangerous wind that destroys the body from the inside! He might die next week but hey, at least his sacrifice is not in vain now that the train is working and they’re now moving out!

Second is the commander of the 1st Division, who decided to sacrifice his life to let the survivors live! This is the only confirmed casualty on this episode. Good thing he died as a human being and not a monster!

And finally, it’s Haruto biting the dust after receiving gunshot wounds. Even though he’s engineered to withstand harsh biochemical and nuclear environments, Haruto is vulnerable that he can die with just bullets alone.

Anyways, it’s a mad dash to safety on the next episode!

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