Golden Time Episode #11

Well guys and girls, Banri is a-okay after suffering the usual fever last week! But now, he has a problem since he is planning to go to the beach together with Kouko-chan, and he doesn’t have enough money to afford one.

BTW, Kouko has a new nickname given by the Festival Club. She’s called “Robokko” because she dances like a robot. Get it? Okay, that’s enough trivia…

So, Banri was invited by Nana-sempai to get a part-time job, where he’s a cross-dressing maid serving up guests a birthday party.

Oh, and he met Linda-sempai during the party, also serving up cocktails and food for clients.

And BTW, Mitsuo joined Banri too… Unfortunately, his body isn’t ready for some of the gay clientele. Poor him!

On the other hand, Kouko is worried on Tada-kun. After all, Kouko is Banri’s current girlfriend!

Oh, and one more thing… She told Banri not to take part-time jobs. After all, Kouko is a rich girl who can afford a trip to the beach anywhere in Japan.

But what this, isn’t that Banri’s picture with Linda-sempai? Could it be that Kouko stole it, aware of Banri’s previous relationship with Linda-sempai? But wait a minute, Linda said it before that she can’t date Banri because she treats him as a brother!

Oh well, this series is reaching its halfway point! It’s getting complicated on this love triangle…

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