Kakumeiki Valvrave Episode #22

No Shoko, don’t do it… just don’t do it! If you don’t want to lose your memories, just don’t resign as a human being!

On one hand, seems that Pino tell Shoko that the reason why Haruto resigned as a human is because of her. Yeah, he’s basically fighting for you, bitch! Good thing Pino didn’t show her how Haruto killed her father.

Speaking of Haruto, he’s getting back to his emo self after witnessing Kyuuma’s death. Yeah right, I’ve seen his pitiful self every single time!

On the other hand, L-Elf is getting emo as well, blaming Haruto for letting Liselotte die on Ep. 19. Even though Haruto tell him that Liselotte is a Magius, this won’t stop him beating the shit out of poor Haruto…

…until Haruto fling L-Elf using some sort of a barrier. Oh wait, that’s the barrier Cain used on Ep. 12!

And the reason Haruto can summon a barrier is because he was speaking to his dead friends (and himself), telling them that he’ll not die until he expose the Council of 101 and create a world where both humans and Magius live together.

And one thing that it’s weird on this episode is that L-Elf suddenly agreed to Haruto’s plans. Oh wait, L-Elf was talking to Liselotte’s ghost, so that explains it. Oh Sunrise…

Enough for angst-removal, the good news is that Saki Rukino has returned! I wonder how she escaped the Dorussian forces?

Oh wait, I remember now! I believe that it was A-Drei that let Saki go. Maybe Saki told him that it wasn’t L-Elf who shot him in the eye. On the other hand, seems that Cain’s pet X-Eins wants to kill A-Drei for betraying Dorussia.

You know what X-Eins, I think you should know right now that this world is being run by vampire aliens! Oh, and don’t even tell Q-Vier… He’s a fuckin’ apathetic soldier who only cares about killing people!

All right, it’s 2 episodes to go! I don’t think Valvrave will end this show without a hitch now it’s starting to get ridiculous!

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