Strike the Blood Episode #11

Well, it seems that the princess of Aldegyr has appeared! Oh, and BTW… Remember how Kojou saw Kanon in the nude last episode? It turns out, it wasn’t Kanon skin-dipping into the moonlight. My bad for that part!

So yes, this episode marks the appearance of La Folia Rihavein, the princess of Aldegyr who came to Itogami Island on finding Kanon Kanase!

Oh yeah, speaking of Kanon, his father Kensei made his formal appearance on this episode, explaining that the reason why he turned her daughter Kanon to an artificial angel is because of financial reasons.

In short, the Magus Craft is selling her for profit since their automaton soldiers didn’t sell well! BTW, Kanon is a illegitimate child of La Folia’s grandfather, while Kensei was once part of the royal household from Aldegyr, so La Folia knew him before the beginning of this arc.

Now moving back to Kanon… Unfortunately, this Faux Angel’s gloves have come off and it’s now destroying everything in her path.

Oh, and her rampage has gone up further when she “accidentally” killed Akatsuki-kun! Now you know that he can go back to life, right? Not this time around since Kanon’s divinity can nullify his vampiric powers.

Then again, it won’t be a surprise if he’s resurrected on the next episode. Only time will tell if that happens…

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