Little Busters! ~Refrain~ Episode #11

Hey guys, there’s more baseball until the end of this series. Sadly, this will be their last together!

BTW, there’s no need for answers now that Kyousuke spilled the beans for Riki and Rin to hear. Sure, he created a purgatory. But it’s not that he created it out of desperation, Kyousuke created a endless world for both Riki and Rin.

Why they created for both of them? Because they’re the only survivors left where Kyousuke, and the rest, were killed in a car accident. I’m glad that it’s clarified further, but now it’s time for Kyousuke and the rest of the Little Busters to pass on to the after life.

Yes, this is the saddest part where Kyousuke bid farewell to his sister and his successor! It’s so gut-wrenching that you can’t shed tears anymore because of this.

So, with two episodes to go, looks like both Riki and Rin will have to face reality on their own. They become mature and wiser than ever before, and I’m sure that they can survive!

And now, this episode ends with Kyousuke sitting on his desk until he fades away. “Goodbye, goodbye, good friends goodbye…”

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