WHITE ALBUM 2 Episode #11

Surprise, surprise… It seems that Kazusa actually kissed Haruki first. Oh, and she did it while Kitahara-kun is sleeping after the school festival. Wow, what a sneaky girl Kazusa is! Not only that, the plot thickens too!

And it goes deeper when Haruki kissed Kazusa, continuing what’s left off the first half of Ep. 10. I have a feeling that Haruki is not madly in love with Setsuna, but rather Kazusa!

Makes me realized that “Todokanai Koi” is meant for Kazusa, not for Setsuna.

Then again, I think this love triangle won’t end it smoothly as expected. And I realized right now, Haruki is becoming an idiot at this point, right after he got slapped! Why Kitahara-kun, why do you have to degrade yourself?

Anyways, two episodes to go… Ugh, this is nuts, Aquaplus and Satelight!

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