Machine-Doll is Unbreakable Episode #11

Well, I have to tell ya… That butler from the Granville family gave Yaya and Raishin a curb-stomping fight! This guy is unbreakable for goodness sake!

Good thing Loki saved both of them. They would be defeated if he didn’t come. Oh, and Ravi gave him a kiss… Then again, it’s not like she wants incest!

So anyways, the butler’s name happens to be Sin. But I don’t get it… Why do this green-haired maniac have to help the Kingsforts, when he can strengthen his own family’s influences?

Seriously, I think he’s somewhat trolling me!

On the other hand, Henrietta is pitying herself again… Why do you have to be killed to end your misery, Henri. Oh, and there’s additional information that she hated her sister for being superior to her, just like how Raishin feel to his brother.

I guess that explains why Henri didn’t took care of their family dog automaton in the first place. No wonder it’s her fault for bringing down the Belew family.

But anyways, it’s time for the final episode next week… And BTW, while Raishin finally caught up with Charlotte and her dragon automaton Sigmurd, seems that it’s gonna be a toughest fight so far on this series.

While you’re at it, Sin is confirmed that he’s a machine doll, but it’s more advanced than any of Shouko’s creations! Better be careful there…

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  1. Sandra says:

    Just saying that Ravi is Frey’s dog… lol uhm so Frey kissed Loki on the cheek… Just saying sorry not trying to be mean or anything I was just pointing it out /.\ sorry have a nice day baii baii

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