Kyoukai no Kanata Episode #12

Well, it was a good reunion you’re having there…

But you know what, the world will end if you don’t act right now! BTW, this is the final episode, so no extra episodes after this one.

Meanwhile, it seems that Miroku revealed himself that he became a half-youmu beforehand. Not sure why he tell it late in this series…

…but the fact that hearing that revelation makes Izumi-neesan very pissed! BTW, she also becomes a half-youmu. But unlike Miroku, she didn’t resign her humanity!

With that said, Miroku is defeated easily. But then again, he’ll be back for some other time… Dammit, Miroku is such a troll!

But anyways, back to what lies Beyond the Boundary… Now, Mirai and Akkey are going on a frenzy against the youmu horde.

Oh, and Ai-chan and Ayaka-san joined the frey too. I’m glad that those two are okay…

…but the only thing I like (and chuckled) on this episode was Akihito punching himself! Okay, that one contains Beyond the Boundary.

And for some odd reason, instead of destroying it, he just absorbs his other half by punching it to the gut. Wow KyoAni, that’s a good and weird way to end Akihito’s story!

With that said in mind, the world is saved thanks to both Mirai and Akkey. But unfortunately for Mirai, she’ll disappear in a blink of glittering light now that her mission is over!

I have to say KyoAni, other than having Akihito punching him clone, you made this scene so gut-wrenching that I’m thinking that Mirai is gone for good.

Then again, I believe that she’ll be back… and there you go! What can I say, this is the most serious anime Kyoto Animation has been produced (other than the FMP: Second Raid), but I doubt that Kyoukai no Kanata will have another season.

There is so much to learn about this series, and I don’t think KyoAni will pass it yet. For now, Mirai has returned, and I’ll be waiting for them on the next season!

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