Coppelion Episode #12

Um, Miss Ibuki… I know that it’s sudden but please believe in Taeko!

In fact, she might not be the best midwife around, but Taeko is good at surgery! Hope that cutting Miss Ibuki’s belly open and saving both of them works.

But anyways, it seems that Ibara-sempai, with the help from the survivors, successfully survived and made it across the thick Zone barrier. Oh, and she rescued surviving soldiers from the 1st Division as you can see it from the background.

Naruse is truly an angel, but I don’t think it’s not yet over!

In fact, the Ozu sisters are still at large, and mostly they’re getting tired after being caught in Haruto’s traps, Aoi’s unpredictable powers and whatnot.

Despite being psychopaths, they’re still humans that needed to be saved. Unfortunately, they’re too stubborn…

…especially Kanon where she decides to end it all by destroying the train, all while riding the giant spider tank from Ep. 11.

At this point, I think they need luck and a miracle to survive on the last episode. And seriously Ozu sisters, just give it up already!

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