Golden Time Episode #12


You know what, Mitsuo should join Billy Herrington’s “Gachi-Muchi Wrestling” club! That’ll put his sexy body to good use!

On the other hand, things are getting hot between Linda and Banri for some reason… Must be the booze!

I hope Kouko didn’t see this. I mean, Banri did this job so he can pay for the summer vacation by himself.

Oops, too late to explain this mess! Not only he was caught by Kouko…

…but Banri got a splash and a slap in the face. See Banri, you shouldn’t be caught cheating with your girlfriend!

You know what Banri, if you don’t want your love life to be complicated, you shouldn’t go back to the past. I mean, Linda-sempai said that she doesn’t love you as a boyfriend!

Now, all you need to do is to apologize to Kouko and tell what’s your relationship with your unrequited old flame! That way, you’ll not gonna have doubts on dating your current girlfriend. Then again, Banri’s ghost will come back to haunt him!

As for Linda, I think she’ll treat Banri as a junior just like today. You know that she’s doing the right thing by not going back to the past.

But anyways, the first half is done. Onward to the second half where things get more dramatic like Toradora!

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