Infinite Stratos 2 Episode #12

Alright guys and girls, time for the finale of Infinite Stratos 2! Ichika, better kick some ass on Madoka…

I mean, she’s just a clone to Chifuyu who wants her killed! Seriously, I think the Orimura family (or the Phantom Task) needs some explanation on this!

Unfortunately, he got killed by Madoka with just one shot. Damn you bomb blast, you tricked him!

Well Ichika, looks like you’re back in limbo just like the finale in Season 1.

Then again, you’ve been there and done that, and you’re tired of being stuck here and let your spirit die. So please, come back to us!

But to make it short, Ichika has come back to life and bring a can of ass-whooping against Phantom Task. And with the help of his harem, he saved the students, Chifuyu-nee, and Yamada-sensei from being killed by the terrorists.

Although I would like to see them apprehended, it seems that they’ll be back for more!

Speaking of Phantom Task, why is Tabane doing on this final episode? And not only that, who is this silver-haired girl? Man, I feel that Tabane is trolling me!

Anyways, it’s the end for the second season of Infinite Stratos. I might be back for watching the long vacation version of Ep. 1, but now it’s time to give Ichika a nice hot bath!

Then again, he’ll be surrounded by girls as always. Poor guy, can’t catch a break when it comes to his harem!

Oh well, see ya around Ichika… and your harem too!

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