Kakumeiki Valvrave Episode #23

Well A-Drei, seems that your hatred to L-Elf was faded away thanks to Saki…

Now, L-Elf leads both A-Drei and H-Neun on liberating their homeland from space vampires. Awesome!

So yes, it’s the penultimate episode. As Haruto fighting to unveil the secrets of the Magius, all while losing his childhood memories, he and L-Elf comes up a plan to reveal it by hacking the broadcast (via Akira’s Valvrave VI), which contains both the ARUS President and the Dorussian Führer.

Oh yes, and “Thunder” Yamada goes even more badass by getting Valvrave V’s shield binder in honor of Kyuuma-sempai.

Sadly, he was eventually blasted away by Q-Vier, of all people! Damn you Q-Vier, why don’t you just die already!!!

Anyways, looks like the Valvrave Team is down to 3 members now. God, I’m gonna miss this badass punk who takes care of his mates, even Otamaya.

But, Yamada’s sacrifices are not in vain though as L-Elf finally slits Emperor Amadeus’ throat and revealed to the world that he’s a Magius. Still can’t die though unless he loses his memories.

That’s right Earthlings, you’re being deceived by a vampire who sucks runes on you…

Even the Council of 101 can’t believe that they’re exposed of their secrets. Hah, take that you Space Illuminati! Of course, it’s not over yet though as there is one episode left.

And now, looks like Cain is ready to rumble on his Valvrave II next week! Still hates his guts though…

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