Little Busters! ~Refrain~ Episode #12

Welcome back to the real world, Riki and Rin!

As you may guessed, they’re back to reality. And as Kyousuke mentioned in previous episodes, only Riki and Rin survived. Unfortunately, they’re too stubborn to accept their deaths…

…especially Rin who wanted all of the members of the Little Busters to stay together. BTW, if they don’t save themselves, the bus will explode. You don’t want Kyousuke’s sacrifices end up in vain!

But somehow, Rin got the strength to rise up thanks to Komari-chan. Yes, even though she’s gone, Komari still supports Rin!

Of course, Rin wants to see her alive so what’s the point of having Komari watching her back from above?

Oh well, time for the finale next week! While Rin has the energy to save her friends, Riki on the other hand… I think he’s getting another narcolepsy attack unfortunately! Why did it have to happen at this crucial time?

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