Love Live! School Idol Project OVA

Wow Sunrise, you’re crossing your idol anime into horror territory!

Anyways, this is the OVA of Love Live! where Maki saw a ghost of a young girl… Actually, this special has little to plot at all!

In fact, this episode is giving you LSD trips, where Maki suddenly becomes a little girl and invites the rest of the μ’s girls on a never-ending party.

For some reason, it doesn’t look so psychedelic to me… I guess that it’s just a dream sequence!

Also, this OVA is giving you free PV of their song “Music S.T.A.R.T!!”, after which Maki returns to normal.

Seriously Sunrise, you sure wanted me watch this, even though there is already a PV of this song! You can find it around the net for goodness sake!

Anyways, that would be it for Love Live! On the other hand, there would be another season of this so watch out for Spring 2014… They’ll be back, it’s just that they have some unfinished business to do!

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