WHITE ALBUM 2 Episode #12

Oh Haruki, you sure cry like you’ve been NTR’d!

So yes, he’s blaming himself for what happened last week. Now, with graduation closing in, seems that Haruki has no choice but to date Setsuna.

For Setsuna, it was a blessing for her now that Haruki is dating her. But at the same time, she blamed herself for being an ugly woman who always getting jealous on Kazusa.

In fact, Setsuna saw it all along after the school festival, that Kazusa is indeed in love with Haruki while she treats herself as an obstacle to their love. Good thing her yandere tendencies didn’t reach at a certain point. If it does, it’s bye-bye to both Haruki and Kazusa.

And as for Kazusa, she finally accept Haruki’s love confession, but she’ll have to leave Japan to study in Vienna, Austria. I guess this is how the song “Todokanai Koi” meant.

Anyways, there’s one more episode to go… I hope Satelight would make a second season of it!

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  1. knozos says:

    I think this is the first anime where I have doubted what girl to root for.

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