Freezing Vibration Episodes #11 & #12

Woah Amelia Evans, why are you getting agitated and turning more into a Nova? Oh wait, I think this is more ominous than this?

And about those glowing naked bodies? This is what Dr. Oohara is trying to do on her spare time, where she takes DNA samples of the first Pandora called Maria Lancelot and turn into clones of her.

Sadly, I think Dr. Aoi Gengo is right on this. It’s flawed, and it might do harm more than it should. But on the other side of Scarlett’s pet project, it can save more lives of the Pandoras.

I guess Dr. Oohara realized this that conducting human experiments is a serious crime. And now, she’s responsible for this along with Mark Spencer. Sorry Mr. Spencer, but you’ll have to be arrested for crimes against humanity. Oh, and you forgot on taking out Satellizer’s family, so suck on you douchebag!

Unfortunately, it’s too late to patch things up now that Amelia becomes a Nova, absorbing the Maria clones and formed the shaped of a typical Nova being that you see in previous episodes. Oh, and it gets worse from there.

Not only this particular Nova can create corrupted Maria clones, it makes certain Pandoras go on a rampage or even cower in fear. If this continues, those Pandoras will most likely have serious brain damage. Or in the worst-case scenario, being decapitated by Chiffon Fairchild. Hurray!

BTW, Chiffon can survive a fatal stab by Satellizer’s Volt Weapon. Not bad for the Student Council President who not only acts calm while being all-powerful…

…but she has a weapon that is a duplicate to Maria Lancelot’s Volt Weapon. Now I can see her eyes finally, but I guess that’s it looks so scary to gaze at it! But she’s not here to just kill the Nova and call it a day…

In fact, despite being the “monster” of West Genetics, Chiffon has a softer side where she talked to Amelia deep within her sub-consciousness, pleading her to stop the Nova’s rampage. Sadly, it seems that Amelia’s hatred for humanity has lost its control.

So, the only solution for Chiffon Fairchild is to sacrifice herself not for her sins (like beating Satellizer to death), but also the sins of all humanity.

But you know what, I think this episode would be better if they would minimize the brightness on Ep. 12… I can’t see Amelia’s tits! And speaking of Amelia, she survived along with Rattle, using their testimonies on shutting down the E-Pandora project for good.

As for the successor to the presidency for West Genetics Academy student council, it seems that Ticy Phenyl will become the next president. Unfortunately, she won’t be as kind as you think now that Chiffon is gone. In fact, Ticy might inherit some of Chiffon’s strict policies, as well as her demeanor.

With that, Freezing Vibration has ended… I think I’m still regretting on watching this sequel. Please don’t make another one ever again!

Anyways, see you around Satellizer!

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