Hidamari Sketch Sae & Hiro Graduation Episode #01

Welcome back to Hidamari Apartments… Oh wait, wrong building!

So anyways, it’s another special for Hidamari Sketch. But judging from the title of this special, it’s gonna be a two-episode send-off for both Sae and Hiro.

In fact, it’s gonna be the grand finale of this series, and you know that Hidamari Sketch will join K-On! as one of the legends in Houbunsha’s Manga Time Kirara.

So before they graduate, Sae and Hiro will have to pass the entrance exam on their selected college. I guess they won’t be together by then…

BTW, while Sae passed her entrance exam, Hiro will have to wait for the results on her exam to Ama Art University.

Actually, she passed the entrance exam for her No. 3 pick, but Hiro wants to go for the prestigious school that is Ama Art University. So Hiro-san, good luck with that!

But eventually, she got the recommendation at last. I guess she’s hungry being tense on the results! Don’t get fat though…

Anyways, congrats to both Sae and Hiro! Unfortunately, all is about to end on the next episode… I’ll be missing both of them after graduation.

BTW, Yuko Goto is back. However, she’s still recovering… Hope that Yuko-san is a-okay so she can reprise her role as Mikuru in one of Haruhi Suzumiya’s spin-off coming up in the future. Wish her good luck!

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