Hanasaku Iroha: Home Sweet Home

Welcome back to Kissuisou, Ohana!

It’s been a long time since I’ve watched HanaIro. Watching it two times is so nostalgic. But now, P.A.Works made a movie of this series, although it clocks in for one hour. Maybe in the future, P.A.Works would make movie sequels such as True Tears and Tari Tari!

So anyways, the film begins where Ohana trains Yuina since she will be the successor of the Fukuya Inn. Although she’s trying her best, I think Yuina is too meddlesome when it comes to inn management.

I mean, putting dandelions on a seafood dish while ruining Beanman’s work might annoy some customers and fellow employees alike, including Tomoe. Maybe Yuina is suitable to go abroad and study there…

And speaking of Tomoe, she’s very much pissed since Tomoe is getting old and stuff… C’mon, be grateful that your juniors respect you!

On the other hand, I think the reason why this movie last an hour is because there’s nothing major happened. I think it’s just vignettes of stories being compiled into this film…

Here’s another story that focuses on Minko, where she’s still trying to impress Tohru, all while improving her cutlery and cooking skills. You know what, it would be nice if she makes meals with cute designs!

There’s Nako, who always takes care of her siblings despite being tired after work. In fact, there’s one time where Nako searches for Mana-chan, abandoning her post during the crucial time when Kissuisou is out of power.

Good thing Madam Sui didn’t give Nakochi a hard slap or anything. But I have to admit it, she’s like a second mother to them since her parents are away at work.

And finally, this story is where it shines on this film. It’s all about Ohana’s mother Satsuki, where she goes on her rebellious phase and ran away to Tokyo.

Well actually, Satsuki doesn’t have dreams of her own and she can’t sparkle enough when she’s inside Kissuisou…

That is, until she met her future husband in which she pursue her career as a journalist, and eventually gave birth to Ohana.

Come to think of it, Satsuki’s life is similar to what Ohana is experiencing at the moment. But despite being irresponsible at first, Satsuki eventually becomes a caring parent the moment Ohana met her mother during Eps. 12 and 13 of the TV series.

But anyways, it’s the end for Hanasaku Iroha. It’s a great thing P.A.Works made this film because it’s so damn good.

And BTW, kudos to Kanae Itou for returning as the voice of Ohana (and the young version of Satsuki). Maybe next year she would have new roles to build up her career! I miss her after voicing Elsee in KamiNomi: Goddess Arc.

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